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Founded in 2018 as the corporate catering division of Dish, the UAE's premier independent luxury catering brand, Blast Catering has established itself as the preferred catering partner for prominent local, regional, and international companies such as BCG, Snapchat, Deliveroo, Museum of the Future, and more. Whether orchestrating intricate buffet setups with comprehensive service and personnel, or delivering multi-day, high-volume boxed meals, our team at Blast consistently showcases versatility and innovation across a spectrum of settings.

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Tracing Our Roots within Dish and Foodie Holdings

Blast Catering stands proudly as a distinct entity under the Dish Catering Brand, renowned in the UAE since 2008. It shares the commitment to exceptional service and bespoke culinary experiences that characterize the legacy of Dish Catering. Foodie Holdings Limited is a Dubai based group with an emphasis on the food industry. As the parent company of Dish Catering and Foodie Brands Catering Services, it manages a portfolio of prestigious catering clients, premium healthy meal plans, and co-packing FMCG activities.

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