About Blast Catering

We are a Dubai-based boutique catering service that plans, organises and caters to holiday, corporate and private events and special occasions. Whether you choose us to cater for large corporate luncheons or small intimate gatherings, you can count on our experienced and passionate chefs and event planners who approach these events with the same attention to detail. Additionally, our catering staff focuses on delivering excellent service so that your event runs smoothly.

Great Selection of Menus

Clients can choose from our wide range of menus, which reflects our ability to cater to many tastes and events. Our chefs make sure that the dishes we cook and serve look stunning and taste amazing.

Here are some of the menu options you can go with for your next event:

·         Breakfast – Our breakfast package includes cold cuts and crudités, bread and pastries, cheeses and mezze and condiments.

·         BBQ – Your guests will love our BBQ dishes, such as our Turkey and Sage Burger and our Mustard Glazed Lamb Chops. We prepare these crowd pleasers on location.

·         Canapés and Bowls – Opt for this menu when you’re hosting a business event or a cocktail party. Our canapé dishes will surely liven up your gatherings.

·         Fine Dining – Choose from our range of unique and delectable three-course fine dining menus.

·         Kids – The children in your event will love our Mac and Cheese, Popcorn, Cheese Straws and other awesome kid dishes.

On top of our selection of menu options, we curate menus to suit unique themes. Just reach out to us, and we’ll come up with a proposal that satisfies your specific catering needs.

The Blast Catering Difference

What sets us apart from your average catering company is that we listen and take note of the goals of our clients and the message they want to get across to their guests. We want to assist our clients in setting the mood of their event with our food.  

Make your next memorable and satisfying with Blast Catering. Email us at info@blastcatering.com for further inquiries.